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Stainless Round Cowl Vent Dorade with Deck Plate with Star Pattern

Highly polished 316 cast stainless steel. Interior is powder coated for durable high gloss finish. Standard interior color comes in white. Threads into deck plate (12 treads per inch) 


*Custom colors interior available.


Size 3"   

Deck Plate Cut-Out 3-3/8" 

Deck Plate Overall Width 4-7/8"

Opening Dimensions 6-1/2"  

Height 9-1/2" 

Weight 4.2 lbs


Size 4"   

Deck Plate Cut-Out 4-3/8 " 

Deck Plate Overall Width 5-5/8"

Opening Dimensions 8-1/2"  

Height  12-3/8"

Weight 6.2 lbs


Size 5

Deck Plate Cut-Out 5-3/8 " 

Deck Plate Overall Width 7-1/4"

Opening Dimensions 10-1/2"  

Height  12-1/2"

Weight 8.2 lbs

Round Cowl Vent with Deck Plate

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