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Eighteen years has passed since the original highly polished, solid, cast stainless steel cowl vents and deck plates were first introduced by Mariner’s Hardware at the 2000 Pacific Sail Boat show in Oakland, California.  Now Buchan Marine will bring to the market the return of the same much sought after cowl vents and deck plates that Scott Buchan and his Dad designed and manufactured back then.  With much encouragement from our loyal customers and boat builders we feel that this strong economy is the right time to bring back the production of these products.


We hope that you will enjoy viewing the pages of this site and find the vents together with the deck plates that will add elegance to your yacht.  You will be  able to select vents made from the finest materials available in the world.  Their highly polished stainless steel and bronze finish will require only a small amount of metal polish periodically to maintain their lasting beauty.  It is realistic to say that they will last a life time.

Together with their striking beauty the addition of cowl vents to your yacht will perform another very important function and that is providing much needed ventilation to the interior of your vessel.  Whether you are tied up to the dock, anchored offshore, motoring or sailing the cowl vents combined with dorades  and small circulating fans will keep the air down below fresh and comfortable.  Even when you batten down the hatches and close up the boat for an extended period of time the cowl vents continue to provide the right amount of air circulation to prevent the development of stagnate air conditions and the chance of mold developing.  Much has been written about the value of cowl vents serving this function.


Buchan Marine has already started to develop new products that will become available in the months ahead.  We will be adding deck hatches and custom windows to these pages.  Also we are experimenting with new synthetic materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar, and high grade plastic polymers.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We always look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

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