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Boat Vents


Twenty-five years have elapsed since the debut of the original highly polished, solid, cast stainless steel cowl vents and deck plates by Mariner’s Hardware at the 2000 Pacific Sail Boat show in Oakland, California. Now, Buchan Marine is poised to reintroduce these much sought-after cowl vents and deck plates to the market, resurrecting the designs conceived and manufactured by Scott and his father Neil Buchan all those years ago. We are thrilled to announce the reintroduction of these ventilation products, driven by the encouragement of our loyal customers and boat builders.

We hope you enjoy exploring the pages of this site and discovering the vents and deck plates that will add elegance to your yacht. Made from the finest materials available worldwide, our highly polished stainless steel and bronze finishes require only minimal metal polish periodically to maintain their lasting beauty. It's realistic to expect that they will last a lifetime.

In addition to their striking beauty, the inclusion of cowl vents on your yacht serves a crucial function: providing essential ventilation to the interior of your vessel. Whether you're docked, anchored offshore, motoring, or sailing, the combination of cowl vents and dorades ensures that the air below deck remains fresh and comfortable. Even when you close up the boat for an extended period, the cowl vents maintain the right amount of air circulation to prevent the buildup of stagnant air and the growth of mold. The value of cowl vents in serving this function has been widely acknowledged and discussed.


Buchan Marine is currently in the process of developing new products that will be released in the coming months. We will be expanding our offerings to include new shapes and sizes of Dorade Boxes in both fiberglass and teak. Additionally, we will be introducing round and oval bronze vents. Furthermore, we are exploring the use of innovative synthetic materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and high-grade plastic polymers for upcoming projects. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your suggestions and feedback, and we eagerly anticipate hearing from you.

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