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Introducing our Heavy Duty Mushroom Vent. This vent is designed to facilitate airflow into the cabin while providing the flexibility for cruisers to open or close it from the interior.  Crafted with a rounded dome reminiscent of a mushroom, these vents effectively repel water, safeguarding your boat from moisture infiltration.  Featuring a water-tight seal when closed, thanks to a rubber gasket and threaded stem connecting the lid to the base, this vent ensures protection against water ingress. The base is securely mounted to your deck, while the stem extends through your deck cutout, allowing for easy operation to open or close the vent as needed. Crafted from heavy-duty casted 316L stainless steel, this mushroom vent is exceptionally durable and resistant to dents or damage, making it ideal for use in small or busy areas on your boat. Available in a 4" size, it also includes a screen mesh insect screen inside for added convenience. For more information or to place an order over the phone, please feel free to contact us.


Size 4"

I.D. Opening 4"

Height Open: 4 1/2"

Height Closed: 2 1/4 "


Mushroom Vent

SKU: 841
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