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teak dorade box for cowl vent and deck plate

Teak Dorade Box is an ingenious deck vent waterproofing system. First seen on the Olin Stephens yacht Dorade which garnered fame by winning first the Trans Atlantic in record time, also Fastnet and TransPac among others. Dorade box uses integral baffling system to divert water rushing into cowl away from entering cabin spaces below. This simple system is seen universally across traditional vessels nowadays. See article for more detail


Made from kiln dried, fully-aged teak wood from Malaysia. Only waterproof adhesive is used. Use with standard cowl vents to create a water-resistant ventilation system. Each item is hand sanded and finished to a rich elegant luster.


Dimensions: 16" x 5-3/8" x 7"

3" Teak Dorade Box

SKU: Bodega
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