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Introducing our Dorade guard, a versatile solution designed to protect your cowl vents with utmost flexibility. Featuring a unique three-leg design, the center leg can be mounted in four different directions—forward, aft, starboard, or port—to accommodate various positioning needs. Available in three sizes to fit our 3", 4", and 5" cowl vents, the guard's tubular height is extra tall, allowing for customization to suit angled decks.


For added convenience, we offer two different mounting options. Our custom stainless steel ball and socket base fitting can be adjusted to match the angle of the deck, eliminating the need for welding plates to each guard leg after angle calculation. Additionally, we provide a 90-degree stainless steel base fitting, both of which feature set screws to secure the base to the 1" tube.


*Custom sizes available.



Overall Height 20"

Overall Length 8"

Overall Width 8" 



Overall Heigth 20"

Overall Length 11"

Overall Width 11" 

Dorade Guard

SKU: Guard
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