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Dorade Guard

Dorade Guard features a three leg design where the center leg can be mounted in four different directions faceing either forward or turned 180 degrees to face aft or 90 degrees to starboard or port wherever you need the protection. We offer this guard in three different sizes to accommodate our 3", 4" and 5" cowl vents. We make the tubular height of the guard extra tall so that it can be cut down to take into account angled decks. In addition, we offer three different ways to mount your guards.


We offer a custom stainless steel ball and socket base fitting that can be set to match the angle of the deck. This eliminates the need to weld a plate to each of the guard legs after you have calculated the angle. Also, we offer a 90 degree stainless steel base fitting. Both fittings have set screws to secure the base to the 1" tube.


*Includes 90 degree bases 



Overall Height 20"

Overall Length 8"

Overall Width 8" 



Overall Heigth 20"

Overall Length 11"

Overall Width 11" 

Dorade Guard

SKU: Guard
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