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Introducing our heavy-duty deck plates, available in sizes ranging from 3" to 6". Crafted from cast 316L stainless steel, these deck plates are robust and reliable. With a thickness of 1/4" and a smooth rounded edge, they offer unparalleled durability and strength. Commonly used as inspection plates or emergency tiller access points, these deck plates are designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments. Complete with a heavy-duty 6-hole deck plate and cap featuring a star-pattern key matching the size of a traditional winch handle (11/16"), these deck plates ensure convenience and compatibility. With a industry common thread count of 12 threads per inch and 6 holes, they perfectly match the size and screw pattern of the Nirco deck plate from the past. For more information or to place an order over the phone, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Size 3"  

Deck Plate CutOut 3-3/8" 

Overall Ring Width  4-7/8" 

Weight 1.2lbs.      


Size 4"  

Deck Plate Cut-Out 4-3/8 " 

Overall Ring Width  5-5/8"       

Weight 1.7lbs.      


Size 5"  

Deck Plate Cut-Out 5 3/8 " 

Overall Ring Width  7-1/4" 

Weight 2.8 lbs.     


Size 6"  

Inside Treads 6"

Deck Plate Cut-Out 6-1/2 " 

Overall Ring Width  8-3/4" 

Weight 3.2 lbs.  

Deck Plate

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