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Introducing the New 6"Stainless Steel Deck Plate from Buchan Marine.

6" Deck Plate for rudder or tiller post
6" Deck Plate

Buchan Marine is proud to announce the latest addition to our esteemed lineup: the 6" deck plate. As seasoned boating enthusiasts know, deck plates are not just mere accessories; they're essential components that serve various critical functions onboard. Whether you need an access or inspection port, emergency rudder access, or a secure point to thread accessories like cowl vents or a post with table, a reliable deck plate is indispensable.

Precision-cast from high-quality 316L stainless steel, our 6" Deck Plate is meticulously crafted to withstand the demanding challenges of marine environments. This highly polished deck plate exemplifies our commitment to quality and functionality. 6" Deck Plate, which expands our line to include deck plates ranging from 3" to 6" in diameter. The Strategic 6-hole pattern design not only enhances mounting strength but also fortifies the overall structure. Featuring a recessed star pattern, accessing the deck plate with a standard 11/16" winch handle is effortless. Additionally, the deck plate cap is equipped with a high-quality rubber o-ring, ensuring a watertight seal for added protection against water intrusion.

The 6" Deck Plate serves a vital role as an access port, commonly utilized alongside a 6" cowl vent or as an emergency rudder access point. Reflecting on personal experiences, such as the panic-inducing moment of having a rudder ripped off in front of Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, underscores the critical importance of having a reliable emergency tiller access plate. In moments of crisis, the ability to swiftly access the rudder post and ensure its functionality is paramount. With our 6" deck plate rudder access port, you can trust that it will open effortlessly, even if salt bonding occurs between the cap and ring. Leveraging the winch handle's leverage on these larger deck plates is crucial for seamless operation when it matters most.

6" deck plate rudder access post
Sailboat Owners Form: State of emergency tiller

6" deck plate rudder post access
Practical Projects: Hopw to improve your emergency tiller

Here are the specifications for our new heavy-duty 6" deck plate:

  • Inside threads to threads: 6"

  • Cutout size into the deck or sole of the cockpit: 6-1/2"

  • Overall width of the outside ring: 8-3/4" diameter

These dimensions ensure a precise fit and optimal functionality for your marine applications.

6" Deck Plate
6" Deck Plate

6" Deck Plate Threads (Bottom)
6" Deck Plate Threads (Bottom)

6" Deck Plate Cutout
6" Deck Plate Cutout

At Buchan Marine, we prioritize reliability, durability, and user convenience in all our marine equipment. That's why we've invested significant effort in designing and manufacturing our 6" Deck Plate to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you're a professional sailor, avid angler, or leisure boater, you can trust Buchan Marine to exceed your expectations and enhance your on-water experience with our products.

Experience the difference with the Buchan Marine 6" Deck Plate – the ultimate combination of strength, functionality, and reliability for your vessel. For more information or to order these 6" deck plates, please don't hesitate to contact us at 415.895.8395 or via email at


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